About us

What is CouponHunt?

CouponHunt finds you popular coupons from your favorite retailers. Our community up-vote and comment on coupons so the best ones rise to the top. You will never miss the best deals on CouponHunt.

CouponHunt's design is inspired from Product Hunt, Reddit and Hacker News.

Our Story

We started working on our first product Localmint over a year ago. Localmint is a centralized store locator with more than 1 million monthly users across the USA, UK, Ireland and Australia. Localmint is growing rapidly and is proving to be a great success.

It was always our intention to add store promotions and coupon functionality to the Localmint platform so that consumers could find the best coupons and deals offered by local retailers.

When we went to execute on that plan we quickly came to the conclusion that the beauty of Localmint was in its simplicity and adding the new features would actually take away from it. It was then we decided to build a separate product called CouponHunt and keep it equally simple to best serve consumers looking for coupons.


CouponHunt was developed using ASP.Net MVC, Twitter Bootstrap and Hosted on Microsoft Azure Platform. The website was designed and and developed by Ranga Vadhineni


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Ranga Vadhineni

Founder & CEO